At the heart of the Lasithi Plateau is Vilaeti. A traditional restaurant with obvious signs of the Cretan architectural tradition. In our restaurant, you will find a menu inspired by Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine. Fine traditional delicacies from local Cretan products compose a unique canvas of aromas and flavors that will surely please even the most demanding. Enjoy leisurely meals in a warm and hospitable area and get to know Crete and its traditions.

At our restaurant, you can taste the authentic Cretan cuisine in a traditional Lassithian dining room. Don't miss the chance to try our baked in the oven meats, meat on the skewer, cooked foods on the clay side, and especially pot dishes. All our dishes are made from pure fresh local meats and organic vegetables providing a unique tasting experience. Accompany your meal with a label from our fine wines ... 

Vilaeti is semantically derived from Turkish / Arabic. During the Ottoman Empire, the large administrative districts in which the territory was divided were referred to as vilayets.


  • Agios Konstantinos

    Lassithi Plateau

    Restaurant: (+30) 6974469594 - (+30) 2844031983

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